What is Epic Armageddon?

EPIC Armageddon is a 6mm Sci-fi tabletop wargame developed by Games Workshop. Its based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe, also developed by Games Workshop (guess you worked that out!). For more information please visit the Games Workshop website.


Richard wins Counter Attack

1 Richard 120
2 Dave 113
3 Robert 112
Richard continues with his push for the championship, while two points separated second to fourth. One difference from the result announced at the event in that Gavin & I swop places as I'd added up my scores incorrectly.
Thanks also to Triple Helix who have a brilliant venue, provide good hot food at the time requested, a great member of staff who was very helpful and all in a clean well lit environment.

Updated Imperial Guard Codex available

We're pleased to announce that the new Epic UK Imperial Guard Codex is now up on the website. Follow the army lists link to download it and the updated QRS's. Thanks to everybody who has helped out with playtesting, photos and the document itself
This review makes minor changes to the Steel Legion, Baran Siegemasters, Ulani Tank Co and Vanaheim Air Cavalry based on playtesting and feedback since their release 2 years ago. In addition there is a brand new list to Epic UK - the Death Korps of Krieg.
These lists will be legal for all EUK and EUK affiliated tournaments starting with the London tournament .

Tickets are now on sale for the next three events of the year -
London (16-17 June at Tanelorn WGC, Leytonstone)
BOTC ( July 14-15 Maelstrom, Mansfield)
Britcon (10-12 Aug at Manchester Uni)