This site homes the current UK Epic Armageddon Championship standings.
Players compete to be crowned the Epic UK champion across all the Epic Armageddon tournaments held in the UK in one calendar year.
Scoring is as follows


Championship Roll of Honour

Current Champion (2017)Steve Cole
2016Richard Laking
2015Steve Gullick
2014Richard Laking
2013Tim Hunt
2012Steve Gullick
2011Dave Thomas
2010Joe Jephson
2009Dave Thomas
2008Dave Thomas
2007Joe Jephson
2006Tim Hunt
YearPlate Winner

Plate Roll of Honour

Current Winner (2017)Dan Wilson
2016Steve Cole
2015Kevin Bott
This Years Top PlayersAll time Top Players
RaceNameWin %Draw %

Top Players for each Race

Top Players for

Imperial_Guard Mike Salwey 0 16
Ork Darren Reeks 50 33

To qualify you must play at least 6 games with each race.

Championship - Top Eight

Tim Hunt 24 4
Dan Wilson 22 2
Richard Laking 20 3
Steve Cole 20 3
John Cole 9 2
Ben Skinner 8 2
Robert Hutson 6 2
Matthew Otter 5 1

Plate - Top Eight

John Cole 5
Ben Skinner 5
Jerry Jameson 4
Robert Hutson 4
Dave Thompson 3
Matthew Otter 3
Andy Harris 2
Keiran Jeffrey 2