The Dice of Dave!

Regular Tournament players will know the legendary dice of Dave Thomas, they always roll a 6 when needed. Many tests have been carried out and the only conclusion is that Mr Thomas is just gifted!
Dave has kindly agreed to transfer a little of this magic into a set of dice that shall be known henceforth as The Dice of Dave!

Mr Thomas carries no responsibility for users of The Dice of Dave! rolling ones when sixes are required!

The Dice of Dave! will be presented to the player finishing last at the first epic tournament of the year and should be used by this player at the next Epic event, were the The Dice of Dave! will pass to that events last placed player. Thus ensuring that Dave's power is used to help the most deserving player each tournament.

The Dice of Dave! Roll of Honour

2012 Season
Counter Attack - Horatio Coles-Abell
Open War 17 - Charles McDonald
FSA - Jon Hinton
Into the Breach - Mark Roberts

2011 Season
Epic-UK GT - James Ramsay
Open War 16 - Simon Partridge
Stockport Stockade - James Ramsay
Britcon - Paul Sutton
BotCH - Marcus Hawkesford
CounterAttack - Jez Lock
OW 15 - Mike Mee
ITB - Sam Dale
FSA - Martyn Thomas

2010 Season
Epic-UK GT - Matt Arnold
Open War 14 - Alex Whitehead
Stockport Stockade - Alan Saunders
Into the Breach - David Candler
Britcon - Chris Steel
BotCH 2010 - Mike Thomas
Open War 13 - Mark Hargrave
Epic London - James Roberts
Full Scale Assault - David Bartley

2009 Season
Epic-UK Grand Tournament - Chris Steel
Open War 12 - Paul Sutton
Into the Breach - Tim Hunt
Britcon - Chris Steel
London 09 - Tom Webb
WPS CC 09 - Chris Webb
Open War 11 - Russell Burton
Full Scale Assault - Ryan Downes