Winter Warmer 2019

Big thanks to everyone who made it to Winter Warmer yesterday, nice easy event to run and great way to kick off the 2019 EUK Championship.

Final standings were:

1) Tiny-Tim
2) DBAD 1314
3) Reedar
4) IJW
5) Blip
6) Nat
7) GlynG
8 ) DMT
9) FlyingThruWater
10) Resa F
11) Jon
12) Duncan

DMT took the most sporting accolade after winning a 3-way roll off with locals Nat and Jon.

IJW won the Players Painted award with his gorgeous Death Guard.
While Duncan’s Skitarii may have been mostly harmless on the day, but the looked good doing it; picking up the Judges painted award.

Thank you to FlyingThruWater, Tiny-Tim and Resa F for three great games.

Hopefully cross swords with some of you again at FSA and Counter Attack.