Teamtastic Games Expo

The previous weekend saw five teams of three descended on the UK Games Expo to do battle in the first ever UK EpicA team tournament.

After four rounds Team North (Mike, Tom & Chris) just pipped Team Scotland (Steve, John and Dan) for first place by a very narrow 8 points. That’s basically one extra objective in one game! Team London (Richard, Rob & Charles) came in third, Team South West (Darren, Duncan & Horatio) fourth and Team Midlands (John, Peter and Peter) came fifth.

Thanks for all that attended for making it an easy event to run, the event will definitely be back again in 2017.

Final Standings

VPs Bonus Total
North 262 40 302
Scotland 254 20 274
London 181 0 181
South West 147 10 157
Midlands 133 0 133