This page has links to all the rules you will need to take part in an Epic UK tournament.

  • The core rules- The rule book is in 6 sections, split into 3 pdf’s. Part 1-4 in one, and 5 and 6 in one each.
    • Part 1 is the core rules.
    • Part 2 has all the special unit and ability rules.
    • Part 3 covers War Engines.
    • Part 4 covers Air and space units.
    • Part 5 has all the unit stats and background for 3 races. Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Orks.
    • Part 6 covers gaming including all the army lists and rules for the tournament scenario.
  • FAQ & Errata – The current GW official errata and FAQ can also be found on this page.
  • Epic UK tournament Rules – Epic-UK tournament rules .

Variant Rules

Below are some rules for playing either scenarios or variant games of Epic A.

Meggageddon – Rules for playing large multi-player games of Epic A.
Minigeddon – And epic on a smaller scale!