The weekend just gone saw Epic take part in the BHGS’s Roll Call event at Cranfield.

On Saturday 10 players took to the field of battle with plenty of variety seen in the lists fielded.

Once the dust had settled Richards Death Korps of Kreig emerged victorious. Dave T steered Ulthwe into second place with Steve guiding Biel Tan into third, equal on points with Tim’s implacable Necrons.

Darren’s Orks were voted best painted, and stunning they are. Dave T managed to pass a stewards enquiry to take most sporting.

Mike T drove the Ulani tanks into last place with a smile on his face as the treads were crushed beneath him.

Sunday saw Simon and Rob’s Orks take on Richard’s Steel Legion and Mike’s Ulani in a 10K showdown. A hasty scenario was worked out and the armies clashed in 3 turns of action. Things went downhill for the orks, they couldn’t force the advantage when winning the initiative turn two and compounded it by having spectacularly bad rallying the same turn.

The Guard won the game by a convincing margin, though with some tweaks I think the scoring system could work for biggish games.

Next up is the Exeter Entrenchment, then it’s back to the BHGS and the marathon that is Britcon. Tickets for both on sale now.