Open War 18 all done and dusted

18 Epic players turned up, making Epic the second largest tournament out of 4, beating 40K and Warmachine/Hordes.

Mike T rose to the top of the pile using the remorseless advance of the Necrons. Steve G took second place with Tau and Dave T took third using Codex Marines. Full results can be found here

Richard L took best painted with his Iyanden, though there was plenty of competition amongst the other armies on show.

If you’ve never been to an Open war they have a pretty good raffle. Over half the epic players in attendance got drawn this year, with prizes ranging from Fantasy units to Hordes starter sets and tape measure and dice won. Open war will be back in April so what out for that.

In the Championship Tim H has an all but unassailable lead with just the GT to go, with Steve G closing the gap slightly.

So only one Event left in this years season, the Epic-UK GT on the 17/18th November. Tickets are on sale, visit the tournament page for more details.