New for 2015, The Plate.

In 2015 Epic-UK will be introducing an additional year long competition to run side by side with the Championship, the Plate.
The competition is open to all players, apart from those that finished in the top 5 of the championship in the previous 2 years (2014/2013), or any player that wins three events in the current year. In the unlikely event that someone manages to place first in both the Championship and the plate, the plate will be awarded to the player with the second highest total.

At each event the top placed, based on championship placings, eligible player will score 5 points, down to one for the fifth placed eligible player. There will be no bonus points for using different armies or attending certain events as there are for the Championship.

Each player’s cumulative score will be made up of their best four plate results across the year, and their plate score at the Epic-UK GT. In the event of two or more players having the same Plate score, the tie breaker will be their scores at the GT, making the GT a real winner takes all affair to close out the year.

Good luck!