The Games Workshop site were all the official Epic Armageddon rules can be found. This includes the current errata and FAQ’s. The official versions of army lists can also be found here. From here you are only a click away from the online shop!

Tactical Command (often called Tac Com’s) is probably the largest online collection of epic players. Details of many variant lists, variant rules as well as inspiring battle reports and modeling ideas can be found in its thousands of posts. A must for all epic fans.

From their website:- NetEA (Net Epic Armageddon) is the name of Tactical Command’s development of fan-made rule extensions and army lists for Epic Armageddon. NetEA attempts to clarify the rules of Epic Armageddon and balance its various army lists for the fun and enjoyment of all.

A great little tool to help make building lists much easier. No need to have lots of paper to hand, just pick you formations and upgrades as you go. All current Epic-UK lists are available. You can even save a link to army lists for future use.

The D6G is a general gaming podcast the do indepth game reviews. And in Episode 59 they review Epic Armageddon in detail. Personally I enjoy the whole show but for those in a hurry the reveiw begins at 2hr 38min into the episode.

Stugmeister is the talented artist that has produced all the images you see in our headers. Highly recommended if you want some bespoke sci-fi/fantasy images creating.