Thanks to everybody who braved a somewhat chilly venue, I hope you all enjoyed the tournament as much as I did. Full results will be on the website this week but provisionally

1 Mark P (AMTL) Winning a Large Behemoth
2 Richard L (AMTL) Small Behemoth
3 Steve54 (CodexSM) Gaia
4 MikeT (Orks)
5 Dptdexys (Saim Hann)

Best Armies
Dptdexys (Saim Hann) Small Behemoth
Kev101 (Dark Angels) Small Behemoth

Most Sporting player
TC63 (Steel Legion) 4k Chaos Army

Tickets are already on sale for Roll Call, Challenge, Expo and Britcon, tickets will be on sale for Counterattack in Bristol (March 8th) soon