Epic-UK GT

So the dust has settled on another Epic-UK championship season.

17 player descended upon a new venue in Battlefield hobbies at Daventry. Universally they all agreed it’s one of the best wargaming venues to host the GT, and Epic-UK are happy to say that both Full Scale Assault and the GT will be run at Battlefield Hobbies in 2017.

After the last dice was thrown Richard L emerged victoriuos with his Doom Wheel lead Black Legion. Darren R swarmed his way into second place with a hoard of speed freaks. Steve G took third place, with Simon Holyoake taking the players choice best painted, Duncan Riddell the judges best painted. Eyebrows were raised when Dave T took most sporting, proving once and for all his dice mastery by rolling lowest in a four way dice off!

Richards win saw him overtake Tim H to take the championship for his second time in three years.

Steve C managed to emerge victorious in the plate competition for 2016.

Thanks to all the players that attend one or more events this year, hope to see you all and more for what’s looking to be another great year of Epic in 2017.