Epic-UK GT all done

The dust has settled and the final Epic event of the championship year has come and gone.

10 players did battle to take the crown of GT champion, and Dave T stormed away to take said crown. Steve G took second place with Mike T finishing third.

Mike’s tyranids were voted best army by the players, with the judges giving the nod to Dave T’s eldar. Simon W won the dice off for most sporting.

Full details can be found here

Thanks go out to Mark P for volunteering to take up a spare place last minute.

The championship had become a two horse race, and with Tim unable to attend Steve needed to finish no worse than second with a race he hadn’t played before. Which he duly achieved and takes the Championship shield for 2012 by virtue of more generalship points compared to Tim. Props to Tim for using no less than 7 list over the year, a different list to every event attended.

Thanks to everyone that has attended an event in 2012, 9 tournaments drew an average attendance of 14, the largest being 26 at the snowy Full Scale Assault. The only list that didn’t make an appearance at an event was Kreig, but they are pretty new to the Epic-UK approved list. Codex Marines remain the most popular choice with Steel legion and Biel Tan next in line.

The 2013 calendar is firming up, with many events dates already in the calendar. The Epic-UK crowd will be gathering for a post Xmas game somewhere, details when they are ironed out.

Hope you all have a great break and see you all back on the tables in 2013, fully refreshed and sporting new armies.