Epic-UK GT 2014

The Epic UK tournament season drew to a close with its traditional finale – the GT. 17 players gathered in foggy Mansfield at Slayer Games for the biggest GT in 3 years.

Two hard fought days later Steve emerged as the winner with his Biel Tan after a final game showdown with Kev’s Biel Tan (with a new very interesting list build). Darren and his Speed Freeks followed closely behind in 2nd and outgoing champion Tim’s Black Legion took 3rd. The final results were very close with 7 points separating the top 3 and 5th-9th being covered by 3 points.

The Most sporting player prize went to Charles (with 3 votes out of 5) and the best army awards went to Kev’s stunning Eldar and Tom’s fantastically converted Dark Eldar. An honorable mention has to go to Darren’s Speed Freeks which narrowly missed out.

In turning up Richard clinched the Championship after a spectacular year, though holding onto the shield will be a new challenge.

A great end to a successful year which saw 6 different tournament winners, including 2 new winners, and 7 different armies winning. On to Full Scale Assault in January