Counter Attack all over

Well, the dust is now settling on Counterattack 2015.

20 players descended on Bath from various parts of the country to make this the biggest Counterattack event hosted by Epic UK.

At the end of a hard days gaming, here are the results:

1st – MikeT
2nd – Steve54
3rd – Dptdexys

Broken Bayonet was voted Most Sporting, as well as picking up the Players Best Army award with his fantastic scratch built Feral Ork Army.

Reedars’ Speed Freaks were voted Judges Best Army (fix! fix! I can hear the cries now!)

Our four new players all acquitted themselves well; Calums Deathwing army catching people out in 16th, hello_thrallax coming in 14th with his Orks, Dinodeath01s’ Tau firing him into 11th and Scutarii proving to be the best of the three Vanaheim players coming home a superb 6th.

I hope you all had a good time and hope to see you at future events.

Lastly a word of thanks to my three opponents (Scutarii, Steve54 & Tiny-Tim) for 3 hard fought games, and also to Pigmar for hosting us. We’ll be back again next year, assuming Steve54 can find somewhere to park his truck…!