Beginners Guide

This page is designed as a step by step guide to the process of entering and playing in your first Epic Armageddon Tournament.
If you’ve played in other tournaments for other systems most of this will be old hat, but you will find all the documents you need in one place.

  1. Download the rules
    Below are links to all the rules required for playing Epic at an Epic UK tournament. You will need to download and read all 6 sections of the rule book and also read and add the changes in the 2008 errata. I also recommend reading through the FAQ as they help to cover most of the trickier parts of the Epic rules.The GW rule book – The rule book is in 6 sections.
    Part 1 is the core rules.
    Part 2 has all the special unit and ability rules.
    Part 3 covers War Engines.
    Part 4 covers Air and space units.
    Part 5 has all the unit stats and background for 3 races. Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Orks.
    Part 6 covers gaming including all the army lists and rules for the tournament scenario.FAQ & Errata – The current GW official errata and FAQ can also be found on this page.

    Epic UK tournament Rules – There are three versions of the Epic UK tournament rules.
    One for 3 game tournaments
    One for 5 game tournaments
    One for Britcon.
    You will require the set that matches the number of games that will be played at the tournament you are attending.

  2. Check the events calendar
    The event calendar shows details for all Epic UK tournaments. Check the closing date for entries and when army lists must be submitted by and to whom. All Epic-UK tournaments will require you to submit your army list prior to the event. This is to allow the organiser to check your list for errors and provide you the opportunity to correct them. All tournaments include “soft scores” as part of the overall scores. Soft scores include Painting and Sportsmanship and penalties may be applied for late submission of lists.
  3. Select your force and check it is a legal army
    The tournament documentation will state what lists are allowed at the tournament. The majority of Epic UK tournaments only allow army lists as listed on the Epic UK Army Lists page. Some tournaments have a more relaxed second day and allow the use of experimental lists, in which case the sources of said lists will be documented in the tournament documentation.
  4. The final rule – Have Fun!
    Going to your first tournament can be a challenge. However all players attend tournaments for the same reason… to play with toy soldiers and talk about a game we they enjoy. Do ask questions if something doesn’t make sense, you will find that most players are happy to answer your queries.

See you on the battlefield and may your dice roll sixes