This page will allow players to view results from tournaments in the current year and as time goes on previous years tournaments. It remains a work in progress and will do so for some time.

2008 Tournament schedule

Club standings
1st 1st Company Veterans 150 pts
2nd Dragon Slayers 50 pts
3rd Tanelorn 33 pts
4th The Cross Gaming Club 13 pts
5th The Central London Wargames Club 10 pts
6th MK Veterans 9 pts
7th UoN RPG Society 2 pts
Races standings
1st Black legion 56 pts
2nd Space Marines 49 pts
3rd Imperial Guard 23 pts
4th Orks 25 pts
5th Eldar 23 pts
6th Lost and the Damned 22 pts
7th White Scars 12 pts
8th Siege Masters 11 pts
9th Feral Orcs 2 pts
10th Speed Freaks 1 pts
Players Standings
1st David Thomas 54 pts
2nd Chris Hayes 34 pts
=3rd Matt Otter 33 pts
=3rd Matt Arnold 33
5th Tim Hunt 32 pts
6th Joe Jephson 30 pts
7th Steve Gulick 25 pts
8th Nathan Hoole 17 pts
9th Bill Ely 15 pts
=10th Kevin Bott 9 pts
=10th Andy Harris 9 pts
=10th David Bartley 9 pts
=13th Mark Williams 8 pts
=13th Damien Bradley 8 pts
15th Mark Hargrave 7 pts
16th Nick Rice 6 pts
17th Thomas Sergeant 5 pts
=18th Ben Skinner 4 pts
=18th Gavin McKenzie 4 pts
20th Simon White 2 pts