Since the destruction of Horus, Space Marine legions have been engaging remaining chaos forces throughout the universe. Panicking and leaderless Chaos forces have retreated quicker, and further, than Imperial intelligence had expected. This has lead to smaller planets, like Gemina V, being overlooked as the Space Marine legions peruse the bigger parts of the Chaos arsenal.
Gemina V Photo Gemina V, located on the edges of the Imperium, was one of the first planets to be infected by Chaos. With a low population, due to the winter weather conditions, the planet was deemed code ‘D’ (recovery when possible). However as the Imperium move further and further a field, this little chaotic planet is hampering communications back to the inner planets of man.
Battle Barge ‘Faithful’ has been chosen for the elimination of Chaos forces on this planet. ‘Faithful’s’ ordnance power could annihilate the planet from the relative safety of space; however Gemina V has a substantial amount of natural power, which is vital for the Imperium’s continuing pursuit of the Chaos forces. Therefore the Imperial Fists 6th Company, onboard the ‘Faithful’, has been given the task of landing on the planet and destroying all Chaos forces on there.
Heat scans from the ‘Faithfull’ identified an area for the 6th Company to drop pod with ‘L’ enemy activity (Low activity). Commander Kruger and his forces strapped in for the bumpy ride.
It took awhile for Kruger’s eyes to adjust from the dark light within the Drop Pod to the bright white light of Gemina V. Everything was white; the ground was covered with snow, the skies were covered in cloud. Kruger’s communications officers reported substantial movement south west; before the day is out, Kruger knew this white land would turn to red.

The Battlefield

The Battlefield had 9 large pieces of terrain (a standard EPIC tournament game must have 12 pieces of terrain on the board, however the pieces we used were a lot larger). The Space Marine forces would deploy on the left hand side of the photo, where as the Chaos forces would deploy on the right.
The dark grey areas on the map represent the hills in the photo.

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