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Imperial Allies Vs Axis of Mork
A Bridge to far.....


Force Commander Putelus starred at the holo projector trying to find a way to calm his rising anger. Just how had that whelp of a Inquisitor convinced him to commit his forces in this mad gamble. The battle on Wilhelmina III was turning the way of the Imperium after a long grueling campaign, victory was a mere year away he was sure. But that hadn't satisfied the administratum, and now their interference had lead to Inquisitor Marloneous be given commander of field army XXX to implement his mad scheme. Quite how he had secured the services of the Astartes was beyond Putelus. Had he not requested such support many times over the long years of campaigning only to be told he had to work with what he had? As his anger peaked his attention was torn from the holo as the Astartes strike cruisers broke from the high orbit anchor to begin their approach to the drop zone. Soon it would all be over and either a new front would be open to the armies of the Imperium or once again the Xenos Warlord Ruthket would find a way to extend the war. Time, something Putelus knew was running out for all.

Epic-UK decided that with 2 new army books produced in the last 6 months it was time for another battle report. This time we wanted to do something really epic and decided that a game based on the legendary Operation Market Garden was the way to go with a mix of Guard and Marines attacking the Orks. Some rules were worked out, armies gathered and battle joined. Would the Allies succeed in breaking the line and capture all the objectives, could the orks hold them back? All will be revealed.

The Battlefield

The battlefield was 3 6'x4' at Games Workshop's Warhammer World. The game was played down the length of these boards. The Picture opposite shows the battlefield from the point of view of the Imperial Guard. One objective was placed on each table. The first was short of the first bridge (table 1), the second just short of the brown bridge in the middle distance (table 2) and the final one in the center of the large ruins in the far distance (table 3).

To win the game the Allies had to control all 3 objectives and have at least 2 unbroken Imperial Guard formations on table 3. Sound simple? Well they were then limited to 10 turns to achieve this lightning break through

The allies forces were split into 3 parts. Two Marine armies would drop on table 2 and 3 to hold up the Ork garrisons and halt any reinforcements. While beginning on table 1 an Imperial Guard column would advance rapidly down the battlefield to relieve the brave Astartes before they were wiped out.

In opposition the Axis of Mork would begin the game with forces garrisoned on each table. They also had a pool of reinforcements that could be called upon to enter the game on any table. However it would be much harder to get reinforcements onto table 1 as opposed to table 3 and as the game progressed it would become progressively easier.

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